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The five simple mistakes 80% of corporations continue to do with their social media

Well, here you go. You have your website, your brand name, and now it’s time to spread the word about your company on social media!

And even though you probably read a bunch of great articles on the subject, chances are that once you start posting your first status or your first pictures, you are still not 100 % prepared for what awaits you.

There are a few simple errors that 80% of companies keep making with their social media, here’s how you can easily prevent them.

#1 Not getting a particular goal

To whom are you speaking? Far too often, by posting a message to an arbitrary target, you can attempt to reach as many people as possible.

But you can’t speak to a millennial in the same way that you would do to a 30-year-old worker.

You have to think about who you want your message to be sent to.

The more descriptive you are going to get, and the more involved your crowd will be.

#2 Posting too often

This is one of the first mistakes anybody is going to make. They think the more they publish, the more their news and goods will be seen by more people.

That’s incorrect.

You don’t need to publish 3 times a day unless you are a mass media magazine! Three days a week is appropriate for much of the time.

An algorithm that tests your target’s interaction with your posts is used by Facebook.

The more you post to a not-so-engaged audience, the more you will be punished by the algorithm by showing your content the next time to fewer people.

Post only useful and engaging material, and begin doing it a few times a week.

#3 Using an incorrect tone

You’re on social networks. “Social” implies. Forget, please, about your corporate way of speaking to your clients.

You’re here to share some insights with them and make them feel close to you. And it can be seen by you:

  • You share the kind of content with
  • In the tone that you use

Typically, using a more polite way of communicating with people than on your website is recommended.

#4 Not concentrating on the content’s consistency

People want to feel connected to your brand on social media, and by using the correct tone and sharing insights, you can make them feel happy with it, as we saw before.

But that doesn’t mean that the standard of what you share needs to be lowered.

Keep the quality of the writing, the photographs and the video you share with them centred.

Crappy quality doesn’t mean friendly!

#5 Ignoring the metrics

This is the key instrument that you have to use. You have access to very powerful tools to evaluate how your audience is responding to your content, whether it is on Facebook or Instagram.

Those instruments will teach you:

How dedicated your guests are

When they are related, from where they are

How many individuals you hit with the material

To change the way you use social media, you have to focus on analytics to deliver the best content possible, to the right target at the best moment.

At BPO Community, with their social media strategy, we help our partners so they make the best choices for their business.