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Safrin Skin Care International (SSCI) is a research-driven cosmoceutical company established in 2010. Safrin discovers, develops, manufactures and markets high quality innovative products. Our cGMP certified manufacturing facility at Lahore have been accredited by international regulators. Safrin Skin Care International ‘s name has come to stand for scientific innovation, vision and integrity and is rooted in its passion for progress. The innovativeness, competitiveness and a will to succeed against all odds are the qualities that are at the heart of Safrin culture. After two decades of marketing and industry experiences in leading Healthcare Companies, a revolutionary movement called “Safrin Skin Care International” was born in 2010.

The company is spearheaded by a group of pharma professionals who have rich marketing experience in various multinational pharma companies and have a strong zeal to excel, firmly committed to bring in only the best products and only those that surpasses our strict internal quality assessments. Safrin Skin Care International has been a trend setter of new standards and is among the fastest growing companies in the Pakistan Dermo-Cosmic Industry. In a span of just 05 years it has established an enviable reputation and track record for adopting latest manufacturing technologies, introducing world class quality products and for setting new standards of customer service.Safrin Skin Care International has carved out a distinct niche for itself as a pioneer company introducing new products to the Pakistani Dermo-Cosmic Industry year after year. Safrin Skin Care International currently has one division with a sales force of 30 people based all over the country. In the emerging industry trends of this century, based on new technologies Safrin skin care International fully recognizes that its innovative product development must be fully complemented with cost effective therapeutic solutions to address the objectives of the better informed medical fraternity. To achieve this the company has harnessed all its strengths to create a synergy by continuously creating and nurturing high quality products and technologies.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the want of Customer’s profitably.

Mission Statement

We provide work environments where our employees can meet their potential and succeed in an atmosphere of excellence, We do our best to be the industry standard in service to customers, We maintain a superior level of honesty in interactions with business partners and associates, We appreciate our achieved success and we conduct our business as per our own model.