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What is digital outsourced marketing?

Outsourced digital marketing requires assigning a team or team manager overseas to some digital marketing functions (typically outside of your organisation). Due to the sheer talent that is available in the offshore market, outsourcing digital marketing has become a viable option for many companies over the years. Businesses create brand recognition and raise their online exposure for a fraction of the price as a consequence of tapping into this market as if they were to recruit locally.

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Why do corporations outsource off-shore digital marketing services?

Outsourcing offshore digital marketing services is a smart resource solution that offers companies, for a fraction of the price, access to highly skilled and qualified employees. To further boost their online presence and overall brand recognition, companies use the top-tier talent available in the offshore industry.

Thanks to the highly regulated workforce and ever-increasing labour costs, operating in Australia will face its challenges. And because marketing can be very time consuming and resource-intensive, when it comes to bringing their marketing campaign to life, you can start to appreciate the difficulties business owners face. Because of this, company owners are searching for cost-saving solutions that can ensure the same, if not better, efficiency.

They not only produce these results, but they also free up money in their organisation by recruiting in a low-cost economy where the cost of jobs is up to 70% lower. These funds are then used to reinvest back into their company's growth, enabling them to scale and expand sustainably.

In digital marketing, what work tasks are typically outsourced?

Digital marketing offers organisations with the ability to influence the way clients view their organisation or brand. How effectively you communicate with your audience can be decided by your online presence or the way you represent your organisation online. That's why it's so important to have a quality online presence in today's highly competitive climate.

In digital marketing, common job tasks generally outsourced to help bring the marketing campaign to life include:

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Benefits of digital marketing service outsourcing

Main advantages associated with digital marketing services outsourcing include:

Efficiency increase

You are giving the local staff the ability to take on more jobs by turning over transactional digital marketing activities to the offshore team. Your business performance and productivity levels will improve by spreading the workload between your offshore and onshore teams.

Savings on Costs

By recruiting an outsourced team to support your onshore departments with these digital marketing activities for a fraction of the amount, the overheads and employee costs of your company would decrease significantly, by up to 70%.

Increased satisfaction for workers

It can be very boring and time-consuming to conduct digital marketing tasks. You will see an improvement in employee satisfaction by turning over these tedious tasks to your offshore staff, as your onshore team will be able to concentrate on what they were originally hired to do.

Development of Business

You will be able to provide your local staff with the capacity to take on more work by allowing additional capacities through your offshore team. In turn, this would lead to sustainable growth in the industry.

Advantage of the BPO Group

The BPO Group is an outsourcing firm owned by Australia that offers all the support they need to local teams through offshore staffing solutions. We hire and manage full-time workers for our Australian-based clients. We monitor productivity levels of performance and personnel as our customers retain full control of the tasks performed by their workers and the deadlines that follow.

We understand the struggles faced by our customers, which is why we provide you with a team member who is 100% committed to your business. We take the time to consider our customers' unique requirements to ensure that we find the right employee with the right skill set for the job.

With an in-depth understanding of the Australian market and customer preferences, when you tap into our outsourced digital marketing services, we will ensure meaningful results. We'll help increase the brand visibility of your organisation and help you get to the top of the search engine results pages.

Chat to us today if you want to find an offshore solution for your digital marketing and we will find a solution that's right for your business.

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