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What is bookkeeping that is outsourced?

Outsourcing bookkeeping services is simply the act of sending someone outside the organisation to complete such accountancy-related tasks overseas.

Bookkeeping outsourcing enables organisations of all sizes to renew their focus on their core sector, allowing their local teams to concentrate on high-value, revenue-generating activities such as developing and nurturing customer relationships.

Outsourcing is a cost-saving option that at a fraction of the price would provide the local team with the extra resources they need. An offshore bookkeeper may perform a variety of assignments, including but not limited to:

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Why do companies outsource offshore book-keeping services?

Businesses outsource their overseas bookkeeping to free up their local team's resources to help satisfy their customers' needs. It can be devastating for business growth to struggle to remain on top of your significant admin. Companies are seeing significant productivity improvements as well as an improvement in employee satisfaction by offshoring these back-office bookkeeping activities.

With your local team spending more time on customer-facing duties, building and nurturing relationships, your customers can develop a sense of confidence in your business. The building the confidence then enables you to explain other ways in which your organisation can support them - eventually benefiting the bottom line.

Other accounting-related job roles

At BPO Group, in addition to bookkeeping, we can provide support across multiple accounting-related positions. They include:

What are the costs associated with bookkeeping outsourcing services?

Outsourcing the bookkeeping systems can reflect up to 70% substantial cost savings. We give a simple monthly fee at BPO Group to help you lower your overheads and concentrate on increasing your business. This monthly fee covers everything: facilities, defence, recruiting and training, management and benefits for employees.

Please schedule a business consultation for more detailed details on costs so that we can tailor a solution to your business needs.

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Benefits of offshore outsourcing of bookkeeping facilities

The most critical benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping services include the following:

Benefits of offshore outsourcing of bookkeeping facilities

You are allowing the local staff the chance to take on more work by turning over transactional bookkeeping duties to the offshore team. Your business performance and productivity levels will improve by spreading the workload between your offshore and onshore teams.

Savings on Cost

By recruiting an outsourced team to support your onshore departments with these bookkeeping activities for a fraction of the amount, the overheads and employee costs of your company would decrease significantly, by up to 70%.

Increase satisfaction for workers

Bookkeeping tasks can be very boring and time-consuming. You will see an improvement in employee satisfaction by turning over these tedious tasks to your offshore staff, as your onshore team will be able to concentrate on what they were originally hired to do.

Development of Business

You will be able to provide your local staff with the capacity to take on more work by allowing additional capacities through your offshore team. In turn, this would lead to sustainable growth in the industry.

Advantage of the BPO Group

BPO Group is an outsourcing company headquartered in Australia that provides companies with a distinct competitive edge with offshore staffing solutions. When it comes to hiring hard-working, committed workers, we take the time to consider the challenges our customers face. The BPO Group is recognised for its financial and accounting talent pool, and we are expert at identifying and employing the best of the best.

Your offshore staff or team member is recruited, onboard and controlled while you retain full control of their deadlines, deliverables and production. We also provide your employees with everything they need to complete their work up to standard to ensure that when they start working for your company, they can hit the ground running.

Our highly-skilled bookkeepers will ensure that your day-to-day business transactions are correctly and promptly registered, arranged and stored for you. Allowing your local team to concentrate on increasing your business.

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