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What is help from outsourced administration?

Support for outsourcing administration is the method of assigning a staff or team member overseas some admin related tasks to complete. It enables local teams to concentrate on high-value, revenue-generating activities by outsourcing admin services that make a real difference to the bottom line of an organisation.

Back office admin will cripple business growth - it is one of the key driving factors behind the turnover rates of employees. This is because highly skilled workers are often assigned to back office, repetitive admin duties that distract them from performing the duties they should perform in their roles. In turn, this can have a direct effect on the job satisfaction of an employee and can lead to reduced productivity or, worse, resignation.

when you recruit offshore admin support, Your staff or team member will perform duties such as:

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Why do offshore help by businesses outsourcing administration?

Instead of concentrating their attention on developing customer relationships and other high-value activities that add greatly to their bottom line, companies find that their high paying workers are constantly stuck doing repetitive admin tasks. Because of this, corporations use outsourced staffing strategies to free up time and develop capacity in their organisation.

Businesses are strengthening their emphasis on core business by incorporating additional skills from an offshore administrative assistant while increasing processing times and improving production efficiency. As a consequence, these firms are also seeing a drop in employee retention rates and a rise in customer satisfaction rates.

Under administrative support, what work functions are typically outsourced?

It can be very resource-intensive to recruit new workers. The method takes a great deal of time and resources that could be better spent on increasing your business. You effectively encourage your employees to be satisfied in their role by ensuring that your employees are not weighed down by the back-office administrator, which will result in a decrease in employee turnover.

In administrative support, common outsourced roles include:

Benefits of outsourcing administration support offshore

Main benefits associated with administration support for outsourcing include:

Efficiency increase

You are giving the local staff the ability to take on more work by turning over transactional administration support assignments to the offshore team. Your business performance and productivity levels will improve by spreading the workload between your offshore and onshore teams.

Savings on Costs

By recruiting an outsourced team to assist the onshore departments with these administration support activities for a fraction of the amount, the overheads and employee costs of your company would decrease significantly, by up to 70%.

Increased satisfaction for workers

Help activities for administration can be very boring and time-consuming. You will see an improvement in employee satisfaction by turning over these tedious tasks to your offshore staff, as your onshore team will be able to concentrate on what they were originally hired to do.

Development of Business

You will be able to provide your local staff with the capacity to take on more work by allowing additional capacities through your offshore team. In turn, this would lead to sustainable growth in the industry.

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Advantage of the BPO Group

BPO Group is an outsourcing business headquartered in Australia with access to one of the world's largest talent pools. By hiring, onboarding and managing offshore workers, we help companies scale and expand with offshore staffing solutions, while our customers in Australia retain full control over their production.

In Australia's highly regulated workforce, we take the time to consider the difficulties our clients face with ever-increasing labour costs. That's why we pride ourselves on giving companies with offshore staffing solutions a distinct competitive advantage.

We provide our customers with up to 70% less access to highly trained, qualified professionals than if they were to hire talent locally.

In whatever capacity you need, our team of highly qualified administration professionals can support your business.

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